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          FILIPINAS CONSOLIDATED SALES, INC., established in March, 1984, started its trading operations by providing finished goods and products for the construction industry, including processed wood products like doors, door jambs, handrails and mouldings, assorted brands and makes of sanitary plumbing fixtures, other plumbing-related materials such as PVC and GI pipes, fittings, and bathroom accessories, water pumps and tanks.

          With the advent of the New Global Technology, FILIPINAS CONSOLIDATED SALES, INC. expanded its limited product line (for the construction industry) to include world-class quality products from China and Japan, such as Optic Fiber Christmas Trees, Snowing Christmas Décor, Solar Tents, Stainless Steel and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Pipe Vent Covers.


          After almost three decades in the Trading Industry, FILIPINAS CONSOLIDATED SALES, INC. has grown from its humble beginnings of being a simple Buy-and-Sell company to a full-fledged International Import-Export Business Corporation, equipped with world-wide Trading Partners and E-Business Capabilities.